Draw Watermark


This block draws a watermark on the input image based on an input flag.

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Version 0.1.0
Input ports
  • Image (sensor_msgs/Image) - The image on which the watermark will be drawn
  • Draw? (std_msgs/Bool) - Whether to draw the watermark on the corresponding image or not
Output Ports
  • Output Image (sensor_msgs/Image) - The output image with or without the watermark
  • Watermark Image Path - The path to the image representing the watermark
  • Number of Affected Frames - The number of consecutive frames on which to draw the watermark if the flag input is True for the first frame
  • Watermark Opacity - The opacity of the watermark (between 0 for fully transparent and 1 for fully opaque)
  • Watermark Position X - The X coordinate of the watermark
  • Watermark Position Y - The Y coordinate of the watermark


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