Image Classification Batch Player


The block is used to stream all the datasets available under the Image Classification category offered by Tensorflow Datasets package in a batch mode to be used in training/ testing of models.

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Version 0.1.3-x86_64
Input ports
Output Ports
  • Image Batch (perception_msgs/ImageBatch) - A batch of images of the selected dataset
  • Labels (perception_msgs/LabelArray) - An array of labels corresponds to the batch of images.
  • Batch Size - Insert the appropriate batch size you want the player to stream.
  • Dataset - Choose from the available drop list which dataset you want to stream.
  • Frame Rate - Choose your streaming/publishing rate for the images as well as the labels.
  • Height - Insert the desired height of the image.
  • Loop - Check the loop checkbox if you want to continuously stream the dataset.
  • Play - Click this button to start streaming the selected dataset.
  • Shuffle - Check the shuffle checkbox if you want to shuffle the dataset before streaming.
  • Split - Write down the split key for the chosen dataset. You can find the available splits corresponding to your choice in the following link:
  • Width - Insert the desired width of the image.
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