TFLite Converter


This Block takes Tensrflow or Keras model and converts it to a Tensorflow Lite model.

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Version 2.0.0-x86_64
Input ports
  • Convert (std_msgs/Bool)
Output Ports
  • Convert To Concrete Function? - Save models as graphs with a single signature.n
  • Convert Now !
  • TFHub Model's Input Shape - In case of converting from a TFHub model. please specify the model input shape.
  • TFHub Model Path - Model url from
  • Model Path - Choose where the saved_model.pb is located in case of converting from Tensorflow model.
  • Model Type - Choose the source model type.
  • Optimization - Which type of optimization technique to apply on the TF lite model. check this link for the different between each option.
  • Save To - Where to save the converted TF Lite model. ne.x : MyDrive/tf_model.tflite
  • Export C Array - Generate a C source file that contains the TensorFlow Lite model as a char array.nThe file will be saved in the same folder with tflite model.


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