Tracking Benchmark – nuScenes


The block is used to benchmark any tracking algorithm against the nuScenes dataset.

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Version 0.2.0-x86_64
Input ports
  • Sample (nuscenes_msgs/sample) - The information of the current sample
  • Ground Truth Bounding Boxes (nuscenes_msgs/EvalBoxes) - The ground truth nuScenes 3D bounding boxes which are streamed from the nuScenes dataset player.
  • Predicted Bounding Boxes (nuscenes_msgs/EvalBoxes) - The predicted nuScenes 3D bounding boxes which are estimated from a tracking algorithm.
  • Meta (nuscenes_msgs/meta) - The meta data of the submitted tracking results. the meta data includes which type of inputs used to predict these boxes.
Output Ports
  • Configuration File - This is the path of the configuration file of the tracking evaluation process. You can either provide your custom configuration file or choose the one supported by the nuScenes package, the official configuration file of the NIPS challenge , by letting the field empty.
  • Evaluate - Click this button, if you want to evaluate the current batched eval boxes. It evaluates a snapshot of the batched data at the instant of clicking. It will save metrices summary and metrices data list files at the provided Output Directory field.
  • Output Directory - The output directory at which the resulted json files will be saved. It will save metrices summary and metrices data list files.
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